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Pico Radio Pico Radio

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I believe this is a brilliant device! I don't find myself looking at the Audio portal often, if at all. To incorporate it into a sleek, easy-to-use gadget makes me very happy.

It's also introducing me to new music that I find myself enjoying! All of these songs are brand new and really keep me interested in your updates and the such. The voice clips are hilarious, and I often find myself with volume turned up to 100% so I get the full effect of the hilarity.

It plays fine in Google Chrome; not sure what's going on with kademan21's browser. Probably not using Chrome.
However, I would like to make a few suggestions (I hope you don't mind).

On the Radio, when I click the 'Play' button to pause the music, it still has the Play icon there. That can cause confusion for some people, even though the "Pause ||" goes up. It'd be a nice touch to see that change into the Pause "||" instead of staying a triangle. It's not a necessary/vital/needed feature--it'd just be a cool add-in.

I've seen multiple users requesting a Playlist of some sorts. Again, this is not a necessary/vital/needed feature, and I don't see myself using it either, but you may want to consider developing a prototype of it in the future; maybe get some users opinion while they test it to make sure that it fits in with the small layout that you have running.

Separating audio reels from music would be another good add-in, but I won't find myself using it because I like to hear a mixture of both.

My final suggestion is that you add some sort of "rewind" function, sort of how Windows Media Player has it. I liked a certain part of a song, but found I could not rewind to listen to it again! Again, not a necessary function, but greatly desired.

One question: how do you decide which art to pick for the radio? It's just a quick question; personal preference?

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deathink responds:

thanks for the review and all of your suggestions , I will keep them in mind for future updates, as for the question of "how do you pick the art" well I usually hunt for some kinda of great looking , newgrounds themed art, but there are 3 none NG themed pic , but if you look they do correlate with the music somehow .

Meet'N'Fuck: Secret Agent Meet'N'Fuck: Secret Agent

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Cool game

I really do enjoy the opening music. Actually, all of the music was pretty enjoyable! However, the sounds compared to the animation speed are quite out of sync. Especially the Russian lady, during Hard in the second scene of sex.

The interactions were pretty cool. I couldn't get the meter above 84% with the ticker.

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